“We knew it was time to create a meditation book specifically for service members and veterans in recovery. And we knew that you should be the ones to write it. We sent out the call for help and were in awe of the people who answered it.

Some wrote their own meditations, and some told us their stories out loud so we could write their experiences to share with you here. We have included veterans and service members of different ages and from different eras of the military.

There are men and women of various backgrounds, cultures, branches, ranks, and positions. These people have had experiences with both alcohol and drugs as well as many successes among their attempts at recovery—all of which help us relate to their journeys.” –Hazelden Publishing

Leave No One Behind: Daily Meditations for Military Service Members and Veterans in Recovery

Of the Americans who serve—and have served—in the United States Armed Forces, many struggle with alcoholism and addiction. What happens when the people who keep our country safe need saving? How do we fulfill our promise to leave no one behind?

We show them there are service members who have been through similar circumstances, who can help them, and who might also need help. This book does just that.

In this new meditation book, service members and veterans who are in recovery share their words of healing and hope in daily meditations. These people are in a class of their own—they know what they experienced, they know how their recovery has been affected by their service, they know how to help themselves . . . and they know how to help each other.

The voices in this book are unique and will resonate with readers, providing insights, thoughts, and feelings only others who have served can understand and relate to. The same can be said of recovery: we look to the person on our left and the person on our right—and we leave no one behind.


  • The power of meditation for those in recovery
  • Opening up the conversation about meditation and its value for military members, veterans, and their families
  • The lack of resources, accessibility, and conversations around recovery for veterans
  • 365 meditations for each day of the year sharing unique and personal experiences of recovery and service
  • Unveiling the stigma of alcoholism in and out of the service
  • Celebrating a community of individuals who have a shared experience of recovery
  • An essential tool of recovery for those who have been in armed services
  • Whether a print book or an ebook, LNOB can stand in as a touchpoint while service members are stationed away from other resources
  • The variety of ages and military branches illustrate how universal the experiences have been, but also how the response from the US Military has evolved
  • The inclusion of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) indicates that service members and veterans are opening up about various types of traumas they’ve experienced, and breaking the stigmas attached
  • Insight into the experiences of service members before, during, and after service help health care providers, community members, family, and friends understand the struggles and victories of this community
  • And, so much more!

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