2020 VA Loan Guidelines To Remove Loan Limits On Home Purchases

If your an active duty or veteran, now's the time to prepare for that dream home you may have second-guessed in years past due to VA loan limits.

Andrew Yang: Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future

According to tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang, labor force participation remains low and the glowing unemployment statistics we hear are woefully out of line with what’s really going on. Every day more and more repetitive jobs, both cognitive and physical, are being eliminated. Everywhere from the factory floor to truck fleets, from radiology labs to some parts of the legal profession, human beings are being replaced by automation and AI.

Postcard from Wolf Country — More Detritus Fear and Freedom

Be serious about your responsibility as a writer and show history as it happened, whether three years or so after the inauguration of a vilely obscene, vulgar and criminal fool and charlatan, or 100 years after the re-birth of the Republic.

McSally’s Veteran Treatment Court Bill Passes Senate

Legislation for Veterans moving forward even during the Impeachment of Donald Trump


Hollywood Director Shares How Your Service to Country Can Shape the...

The Military Wire podcast with longtime Hollywood director Todd Robinson,

A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America

Multiple Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Leonnig talks with CNN's John Berman about her book 'A Very Stable Genius,' President Trump's management style, and Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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