Why Teaching Can Be a Great Job for a Veteran

After retiring from the service, you might wonder what you can do next. There are so many options for veterans when it comes to finding work, whether that’s starting their own business, consulting, or moving into leadership roles.

Matt Robinson’s Vetrepreneurs© – Adam Baker of SodaPup

United States Coast Guard Lt. Adam Baker SodaPup www.SodaPup.com Growing up in Boston, Adam Baker attended Middlebury College in VT and the enrolled in the USCG Officer...


A symbol of power and strength for over half a century, Air Force One, the aircraft assigned to transport the president and his team,...

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes Receives 2020 Hire Vets Medallion Award...

U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia recognized the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes (Coalition) as one of the 675 recipients of the 2020 HIRE Vets Medallion Award during an award ceremony at the U.S. Department of Labor.

Toxic Exposure on U.S. Military Bases

There are currently over 700 Department of Defense sites that are heavily contaminated with PFAS, a group of dangerous chemicals, throughout the United States.

RECON: A Military Suspense Movie based on a True Story

RECON is based on true events surrounding a mission by four American soldiers who are led through the Italian mountains by a potentially untrustworthy guide in the final days of the War, while an unseen sniper tries to pick them off. What Would You Do?

The Day The Sun Rose In The West – A Short...

Hiroshima had vanished in a flash of blinding light, and one hundred and seventy-six thousand people no longer worked or played.

New Series Chronicles Life of U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant

HISTORY’s three-night miniseries event, “Grant,” will premiere over three consecutive nights beginning on Monday, May 25 at 9PM ET/PT on HISTORY.

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