Hating America is the New Normal

Long since the country entered the 20th Century, the United States accelerated into a self- revulsion towards the institutions, heritage and cultural mores that...

Judges Rule Using the Liberal Agenda

If you though that Supreme Court Chief Judge John Roberts has rehabilitated himself after the monumental betrayal of his Obamacare opinion that mandatory forced coverage would...



Poem: Truth

A poem by Gary Corseri

Notes From Wolf Country — Last Tango in Alice, TX as...

The various people we worked with, largely on NATO Evaluation preparation and readiness watched him work and decided that "SGT Farrell, the boy ain't right. Curb your Lieutenant."  What could I say to the Group Commander but "Yes Sir." Not doable, but we got along fine..

The Secret to Corporate Success: How Retired Combat Veteran BG Carol Eggert Navigates Life’s...

I made an assumption that truly did make an ass out of me. When Comcast reached out with an inquiry regarding interviewing retired BG Carol...

U.S. Veterans and Active-Duty Servicemembers more thatn 14,000 Free Tickets to Universal’s First Man

Offer Valid at More Than 500 Regal Theatres Nationwide to First 25 Servicemembers Who Request Tickets for the 7:00 P.M. Preview Screening on Thursday, October 11

Life After the Sniper Scope

Viewing life through a sniper's scope was a daily practice for Special Forces, Green Beret Rod Rodriguez. Getting blown up was just a part...

WWI Documentary THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD Comes to U.S. Cinemas...

Peter Jackson’s Highly Anticipated WWI Documentary ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Receives Special U.S. Release December 17 and 27, Presented By Warner Bros. Pictures and Fathom Events

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