The Google Globalism Gulag

The puzzling switch in the corporate motivation of Google seems confusing on the surface. But if you dig deeper into the manure of globalism,...

The Best Financial Resources for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Veterans own millions of small businesses across the country, and those businesses employ millions of additional American workers.

Lawyers will never administer legal justice

The law is too important to be left to attorneys. Any objective observer of the existing legal system would conclude that allowing lawyers and...

Foreign Policy Betrayal of America

Very little has changed when it comes to the elites who control public policy. Foreign affairs have been shaped by an un-American tribe of...

Incoming Chief Naval Officer Says Transgender Troops Have Not Harmed Navy

Strong Statement Undermines Rationale for Trump Ban

Visit Veterans Memorial Museum of Southern West Virginia

If you enjoy military history and are looking for a rare FREE treat, check out this unique monument to the veteran spirit of the Mountain State.

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