Paws of War Answers Prayer, Delivering Dog from Overseas to Soldier Who Rescued Him

Photo courtesy of Paws of War
Photo courtesy of Paws of War

Rescued dog and active military member never thought they would see each other again until recently. A heartwarming video shows the love that the two have for each other. US Army First Lt. Tad rescued and fell in love with Gus while stationed overseas. They spent many months together every day. Then suddenly, First Lt. Tad had to come back to the States. It broke his heart tremendously, leaving Gus alone. Gus depended on Tad for food, water, love, and companionship every day. Tad contacted Paws of War to help. He prayed every day that nothing would go wrong and that Gus would make it to America. Paws of War has over 80 active rescue missions in progress, and it is thrilling when one is seen through to the end.

“The story of Gus and Lieutenant Tad highlights the impact that being separated has on both our active military and the animals they have loved and cared for during overseas deployments,” says Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “The heartbreak is very real, and sadly, Gus’ reaction is very common, but in these cases, we can step in and help. Endings like this are why we do everything we can to keep service members and the animals they love together.”

While on deployment overseas, 1st Lt. Tad rescued the loving dog he named Gus. They became inseparable, and Gus helped make deployment more bearable. The two spent their free time bonding and caring for one another until it was time for 1st Lt. Tad to board a plane and head back to the United States. He watched out the plane window until he could no longer see Gus sitting there, not knowing if they would ever see each other again.

1st Lt Tad reached out to Paws of War to get help moving Gus to America so the two could be reunited and live their lives together. Used to funding and coordinating such missions, through the generous financial support by those in the community, the organization went to work to make it happen. Recently, Gus was reunited with 1st Lt. Tad in America and will get to live with his family. The happy reunion was caught on video so those who helped support the mission could see how happy they made the pair.

“I’m beyond grateful that people came together to make this happen for us,” says 1st Lt. Tad. “I didn’t know if I would ever see Gus again, and I’m sure he thought he’d never see me again, but I put my faith in Paws of War, and they pulled off a miracle. Gus will never know what it’s like to have to fight for food, water, or be subject to cruelty ever again. He will be by my side for the rest of his life. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!”

To see the video reunion of Gus and 1st Lt. Tad, visit the site at:

Paws of War has a War-Torn Pups and Cats program that helps in such situations. They have helped many soldiers get their adopted cats and dogs to America. Still, it can only do so with the compassionate support of members of the public, who are the driving force behind all the organization can do. When people in the community donate to help support these missions, Paws of War can continue to make reunions happen.

Paws of War has been operating worldwide since 2014, helping the military save the animals they rescue while deployed overseas. They have helped veterans with numerous issues, including suicide prevention, service and support dogs, companion cats and dogs, food insecurity, veterinary care, etc.Paws of War has a large loyal following of supporters and looks forward to working with new corporate sponsors to support these life-saving programs. To donate, visit its site at

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