U.S. Navy Sailor, Worried About Her Rescued Pup Left in Middle East, Seeks Community Support

Photo courtesy of Paws of War


Photo courtesy of Paws of War

After finishing her fourth overseas deployment and spending over 12 years in the U.S. Navy, Sailor Joy feels she has left a piece of her in the Middle East. Koda, the dog she rescued and bonded with, remains in a dangerous area, and she worries he will be killed. She has reached out to Paws of War to see if their successful program can help get Koda to America, where she can live out his life with her and her family.

“It would mean the world to me to get her to America. If she can make it, she will live in a safe home with people who will love her. She has been such a blessing in my life, and I want to save her and for her to come on walks, runs, hikes, and other adventures with me,” shares U.S. Navy Sailor Joy. “I want her to experience all the little things that will be big to her, like grass, rivers, mountains, and the ocean. She would be entering a whole new world of possibilities and freedom.”

While stationed in the Middle East, Sailor Joy worked the night shift. It is an area that does not treat dogs kindly, so she was a bit worried when she came across some puppies on the grounds. They seemed especially vulnerable because there was no mother in sight.

One evening, after working the night shift, she was walking out to the hideout where the puppies were when she found Koda, who was tired and collapsed from the heat. They began cooling and hydrating her, and in the days that followed, they kept a close eye on the puppies. One day, they found all the puppies had been killed, except for Koda.

Koda was the lone survivor, and Sailor Joy knew she had to take action to try and protect her, or she would end up dead like the others. When she got orders that she was heading back home to the Jacksonville, Fla. area, she felt anxious about leaving Koda behind. She knew she had to take action to help save her, so she contacted Paws of War to see if they could arrange to get Koda back to Jacksonville. The organization has helped many people in similar situations and immediately sprung into action to help.

“Left in the Middle East, there is a good chance Koda will be shot like the others,” says Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “Sailor Joy knows that, as do we, so we will do everything possible to get Koda to her home in the States. We need the community’s help to make it happen, but we will do all we can.”

Moving Koda across the globe is a challenging task requiring planning, time, patience, and funding. There is red tape to go through, veterinary expenses, and fees for the flight. To learn more and donate to help support the relocation costs, visit the site at:

Paws of War has been operating worldwide since 2014, helping the military save the animals they rescue while deployed overseas. They have helped veterans with numerous issues, including suicide prevention, service and support dogs, companion cats and dogs, food insecurity, veterinary care, etc.Paws of War has a large loyal following of supporters and looks forward to working with new corporate sponsors to support these life-saving programs. To donate to support their mission, visit its site at http://pawsofwar.org.


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