America and Canada are very different countries: but their cities are surprisingly similar.  These are comparisons between similar populations and what sets them apart.  Although there’s no way to sum up, a country based on just five cities, themes carry through all of them that can make deciding on a trip or a move a lot easier.

Seattle and Victoria

These two cities are just a three-hour ferry ride apart, so it’s no surprise how similar they are.  Victoria and Seattle are both thought of as very artistic areas, each having a heavy emphasis on creative and unique inhabitants, yet many more people know of Seattle than Victoria.

Not only is Victoria less expensive, but there’s a far lower crime rate and a lower unemployment rate than Seattle has to deal with.

Toronto and NYC

Although there are five million more people in NYC than in Toronto, it’s only fair to compare the two most populated cities against each other!  Although NYC does have more people, more stores and activities, and more space, it’s also 25% more expensive to buy a home in the Big Apple than to purchase real estate in Toronto.

Many don’t mind this expense, but for others, it can make Toronto the clear winner.  Surprisingly, although NYC is often thought of as very culturally diverse: Toronto has been voted the most diverse city on Earth several times.

Vancouver and Los Angeles

Vancouver is often called the Hollywood of Canada: but it’s closer to Los Angeles.  Both cities are well known for balancing entertainment industries with tech industries: and both are incredibly expensive to live in.

Vancouver moves ahead in terms of the views, surrounded by water and mountains, but Los Angeles is up in sports teams and available entertainment.  Vancouver is far more affordable than LA: but is still the most expensive city in Canada.

Calgary and Houston

Calgary likes to imagine itself as the cowboy capital of Canada: so it’s only fair that it gets compared to a Texan city.  Calgary is nationally known for its Stampede, and Houston’s Rodeo has international popularity.

Both are fun events that offer everything from concerts to livestock sales, but there are large differences between the two cities. For example, Houston is more socially progressive, while Calgary is far more conservative. A lot of this may have to do with Houston’s being a far more diverse city than its counterpart.

Ottawa and Washington DC

The two nations’ capitals are obvious cities that should be compared.  Washington DC has countless events, museums, art galleries, and exhibits, and although Ottawa does as well, DC outnumbers it.

Washington is hours from any good beaches or mountains, and Ottawa is similar: but both have massive rivers that flow through them.  The entertainment in both areas is very cerebral, but these are fantastic cities to get to know either way!

Canada and the USA are both amazing countries with unique identities!  Although it’s hard to compare any two cities without going into a ton of detail, the differences between the two countries are very clear when laid out this way.

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