Horse Racing With The Royals: The Queen’s Favourite Horses


A devoted horsewoman all her life, the Queen is perhaps the nation’s most avid horse racing enthusiast. She attends horse racing events like the Grand National races annually and can still be spotted riding one of her horses every once in a while. But did she have any favourites over the years? Let’s go horse racing with the royals: the Queen’s favourite horses.


Known as a horse full of character and spirit, Betsy was a black-brown mare that the Queen used to ride back in the 60s. Much loved by Her Majesty, this is the first horse that made history.


Presented to the Queen in 1969, Burmese took Betsy’s place after it was gifted to Her Majesty by The Royal Canadian Mounted police. Burmese stayed by Her Majesty’s side for 18 years, during which she rode it at Trooping the Colour.


A polo pony at heart, Doublet was one of the Queen’s favourites, which she has passed on to Princess Anne. Under the princess’ command, Doublet won the European Eventing Championships at Burghley in 1971.


A horse sired by one of Winston Churchill’s stallions, Columbus is another horse that was passed by the Queen to Princess Anne. Whilst the princess hasn’t rode this one at important events, her ex-husband, Captain Mark Philips, won the Badminton in 1974 whilst riding this horse.


The last full-size horse Her Majesty rode before she decided to ride native ponies, Sanction is said to have had an almost telepathic connection with the Queen. We can’t say if this is true or not, but she undeniably had a special bond with this horse.

Balmoral Jingle

One of the Queen’s favourite Highland ponies, Balmoral Jingle achieved great success in the show ring and went on to become broodmare at the Balmoral stud.

Balmoral Curlew

Alongside Balmoral Jingle, Balmoral Curlew was one of Queen’s favourite ponies and a broodmare.


A fell pony, Emma has been a wonderful servant to the Queen. Indeed, Her Majesty was spotted riding this horse numerous times.


Bred by the Queen’s father, Aureole was one of the Queen’s favourite racehorses. The mare won several races over the decades, including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot, the Coronation Cup, and it almost won the Derby.


Owned by the Queen in her own right, this gorgeous stallion was a first top-class horse that didn’t disappoint on the course track.

Phantom Gold

The great granddaughter of The Queen’s superb broodmare Amicable, Phantom Gold was one of the Queen’s favourite racehorses and a broodmare for all future generations.


Whilst no reigning monarch had won the Gold Cup before, Her Majesty had the great pleasure in achieving this goal thanks to Estimate, who won the Ascot Gold Cup thanks to the horse’s grit and stamina.

And now that you know which are the Queen’s favourite horses, what do you think? Did you have any favourites in common with the Queen? If you haven’t all you have to do is pick your own favourites and watch them win the races.

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