How To Increase Higher Education Enrolment


Why more enrolment is needed 

While studying isn’t for everyone, there’s no doubt that the college experience goes beyond just the classroom. If you have already graduated from college, it might have been the best or worst experience you’ve ever had. No matter what it was, most of us agree that the education it gave was vital to our careers and personal growth.

University acts as that friendly steppingstone, guiding us along the scarily high tightrope that leads between High School and the world of work.

Although it might seem like so many people want to go to college, this isn’t the case; freshman enrolment has dropped by more than 16 percent from 2019 to 2020 in American Colleges and by just under a quarter in community colleges.

On top of this, the State Department, and the Institute of International education report that 2020 was the fourth year in a row that America saw a decline in international students enrolling in the US. Speculators believe that this is due to the tightened restrictions on students who are eligible to study here.

Digital marketing for higher education 

One great option for colleges to try to raise their enrolment numbers is with the use of digital marketing for higher education. To maximize student interest in a college, the marketing must use all of the tools at their disposal to promote their school, especially digitally.

In this modern era, where posting on social media is done just as easily as breathing, its vital colleges use all the modern tools they have at their disposal. Colleges can work with digital marketers to share what makes their school special.

Digital marketing firms will help in a range of ways, and they will start by going over the goals and targets a higher education institution has so that they can be sure to know the best strategy to use is. The strategies could involve, publishing blogs, adding campaigns, getting current students more involved, updating websites, and developing a clear brand.

Activities and socials

A huge aspect of college for many people nowadays isn’t just the classes and qualifications but the lifestyle. Students want to attend a college with different activities, social groups, and opportunities. It’s good to have a broad range of ways students can get involved in anything from debate society to sports games.

Taking part in these things also has the benefit of making your future CV stand out more to employers; it demonstrates how you are a more rounded person with a range of interests and hobbies.


For many, their college accommodation will be the first time they are moving away from home. This change can be made easier because they will feel safe and welcomed at their new campus. Campuses are always competing for the best facilities but let’s not forget the importance of the things we might take for granted and could be overlooked such as a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed or a hot shower.

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