Best 3 Ways Veterans Can Store Belongings When Moving to A New House


Moving to a new house is a busy and often stressful time, especially if there are lots of things that need packing and furniture which needs transporting. It’s also a good time to get organized and sort through your belongings. From going through your possessions and packing everything away, you’ll often blow the dust-off items you haven’t seen in a long time, such as your awards from the military.

To help organize your belongings as a veteran with many prized possessions, here are the best three ways you can store your belongings when moving to a new house: 

Storage unit

Renting out a storage unit is something not a lot of people consider when moving to a new house, but it is a useful and practical way to store your furniture and belongings in one place. Storage units are a particularly good option if your new house is out of state or if you can’t move in right away but still need to clear out your old house. Click here for more info on storage units.

What are the benefits of renting storage units?

  • You can often reserve a storage unit free of charge.
  • You can cancel anytime.
  • Storage units can be big enough to fit all your belongings in one place.
  • You can still access your possessions if you need to.
  • They’re a safe place to keep your special awards.
  • You can find a storage unit to suit your needs.

Vacuum bags

A fantastic way to store your belongings is through using vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are designed to make space, which is exactly what you need when storing your items to move to a new house.

How do they work?

You place your folded clothing, for example, into the vacuum bag and suck the air out of it using a vacuum while pressing down on the bag with your hands to ensure it is as compact as possible. A pretty neat bit of kit!

Why are they a good way of storing my belongings?

Vacuum bags provide air-tight storage, which is a fantastic way to optimize your storage space as bulky items are compressed. Not only this, but vacuum bags prevent dust from getting on your possessions, which is good if you are packing away valuable awards and things that will not be re-opened for several weeks.

Cardboard boxes

Using cardboard boxes as storage when you are moving to a new house is a simple yet effective way to organize your belongings. Not only can you write labels on each box to add to their practicality, but you can also carry them with ease.

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Environmentally, they are also sufficient for being recyclable and multi-purposeful. Once you are done with them, you can either choose to recycle them or keep them in your house as closet storage or storage for the loft. Very handy.

Cardboard boxes can also be stored in the house throughout the moving process as their practical size means they can be stacked up in one corner of a room without taking up too much space.

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