How to Give Your Modern Home an Antique Look


Trends may come and go, but classics are timeless. If you currently own a modern home, you might want to go back to some of those classics and give your home a more antique look. It’s not always easy, as you don’t want old elements to clash with modern architecture. But, by making some thoughtful modifications, you could achieve the look that you want. And, in many cases, these can be minor and done in less than a day. Let’s take a look at how you can give your modern home an antique look.

Choose Artwork Carefully

Using real artwork from the era you’re trying to aim for could be a great way to give your house an antique feel fast. Machine-made art will ruin the feel in an instant. It’s better to go for an organic piece that would fit with your general theme. Being able to see the brush strokes of an actual human on canvas registers with us on a subconscious level, and it’s this quality that will give you home an indescribable old-time feel.

Get a Fireplace

Nothing says antique more than a beautiful wood-burning fireplace. A fireplace can be great if you want to enhance a bedroom or a living room. However, before you decide to go for this option, you have to make sure that you have the proper setup.

If there is an existing wood-burning fireplace and you want to replace it, then you can use the current chimney setup for your new one. However, if you don’t have one installed, you might want to go for another option, like a gas-powered fireplace. These will give you roughly the same rustic feel, minus the installation. They’re also much easier to maintain and don’t require you to buy wood.

If you want to see a variety of models, we suggest you check out This will give you the chance to find a unit perfect for the look that you want and that will suit your property’s configuration.

Use Veneers

Stone and brick veneers can all be used to make a room look older, especially a kitchen. These can be great for a backsplash, for instance. Combine this with antique cabinetry and an extractor hood and you’ll have the whole look down instantly. Don’t forget to make sure that the appliances don’t clash either.

Use Organic Materials

Synthetic blends and low-quality plastics didn’t exist in the old days, so you have to limit their use in your decor if your goal is to make it as antique as possible. Go for natural metals and woods with an organic finish instead. Instead of cotton, go for high-quality wools and linens. You don’t need to replace everything in one go, however. You can add pieces gradually so you can replace your modern pieces without stockpiling them.

As you can see, giving your house an antique look isn’t that difficult. It’s all about letting your imagination run free and being consistent in your choices. When all is said and done you will be asking how much can i sell my house for now?

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