How to Use Your Beauty Routine to Feel More Confident


Confidence is an elusive concept, even for those who exude confidence with their every step. Some people have it naturally, others can build on existing foundations, and others still have to, as the saying goes, “fake it till you make it”.

One of the best places to start when it comes to building up your confidence is improving your self-care routine. How we look and how we feel impacts our confidence most profoundly. By simply taking the time to improve how you look and your health, you can learn to love yourself and be more confident in your every day.

It isn’t the only solution, but it is a great place to start to feel more confident every single day.

Finding Your Colors

One of the best ways to feel more confident is to surround yourself with colors that help to bring out your inner beauty and soul. We all have colors that help us stand out. For some it will be the bright colors, for others it will be more muted. Either way, knowing your colors (you can do this professionally or yourself with the help of online guides) you can improve your wardrobe and makeup).

Improving Your Skin’s Health

Beautiful, healthy skin is something that we all crave. Makeup works to emulate great skin, and skincare products work to improve skin health layer by layer. Some products, however, will make you break out. Others will be ineffective. It is a hard, long journey to find the exact combination of products will work for you, but that journey is by far one of the best things you can do for your beauty and your confidence.

Just remember to spread out the cost. When trying new products, see if there are sample sizes or if you can try products on in-store. When you do find a product you think will suit you, always check for a Sephora coupon code before checkout for an easy, fast discount.

Perfecting Your Everyday Makeup Look

Your everyday makeup look should work to accentuate your best features and work to smooth out the rest. It should be light and easy enough to do again and again every day. For some, this might just be some mascara; for others, they may feel more comfortable with a full, creative face of makeup. The point is to create something of a uniform for you to wear out that helps you look your best.

Being Creative with Your Wardrobe

Ever feel like you have nothing to wear? Rather than head to the shops or look online, it’s time to be creative with your clothes. You can do this by following a few fashion challenges (like the 10 items of clothes for 10 days challenge, or the 10×10 challenge) or just by having a fun afternoon while you explore new, unique ways to combine clothes to stand out, be unique, and get more out of your closet.

You can become so much more confident in how you look by simply spending time looking at your face and appreciating what you have. Caring for your skin and working to improve it with a health-first approach will do wonders to help you look and feel confident.

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