From a God of Revelations to a Belief in Cosmos Aliens


According to the nihilist popular culture, the lack of faith in revelations of the Bible has become the standard in the godless world that rules this planet. Hubris societies view themselves far too sophisticated and enlightened to accept the preaching of prophets or the gospels of Christ. They willingly reject the promise of salvation for the secular pleasure of worshiping their own creation of heaven on earth. The further the human race distances itself from the almighty, the greater the inhumanity against your fellow man intensifies. The hunt for ET is simply a search for a substitute to a GOD that provided a code of commandments and the Sermon on the Mount moral teachings. As long as no direct contact from a Close Encounter of the Third Kind is empirically validated, situation ethics can remain the dominant method for character behavior.

It would be easy to dismiss the ‘Pathetic’ Storm Area 51 event in search of evidence of alien presence at Groom Lake. However to reject a widening perspective that believers in extraterrestrial beings as a metempsychosis of the Heaven’s Gate cult, would be a serious error. Michael Snyder pens another insightful analysis in More Americans Believe Aliens Have Visited Earth Than Believe That Jesus Is The Son Of God.

“According to a National Geographic survey, 77 percent of all Americans “believe there are signs that aliens have visited Earth”, and according to a recent Harris poll only 68 percent of all Americans believe that Jesus is God or the Son of God.  That means that the number of Americans that believe that UFOs have visited us is now greater than the number of Americans that believe what the Bible has to say about Jesus Christ.”

Reconcile this seeming gap in these attitudes fall to David J. Stewart, who provides a valid viewpoint in Biblical Evidence Of Alien Life.

“The Bible is God’s inspired Words. There is overwhelming, concrete, verifiable and abundant evidence to prove this TRUTH. The very manner in which the Bible was assembled—penned by 40 different writers used of God, all from umpteen different nations, having lived over a 1,500-year span, is evidence enough that what I say is true. It is astronomically impossible for such odds as this to be mere chance. The Bible wasn’t written by one man, nor by a group of men at one time. God purposely gave us the Bible piece by piece, man by man, nation by nation, century by century, so that we could plainly see that it is supernatural in origin. Over 5,000 manuscripts have been unearthed of various portions of the Bible over the past two centuries. Clearly, this is no ordinary Book we are dealing with. The Bible is God’s Word.

God is an alien from another dimension of time and space (eternity), and most people won’t have anything to do with Him because he is a holy (morally perfect) God. If you are desperately hoping to find alien life, then open your Bible and meet your Maker. For He is the Author of the universe which contains an unknown number of galaxies.”

While this assessment is historically accurate, the non-religious population scorns any notion that God of the Bible is real and especially rejects and repudiates the divinity of Jesus Christ. These contemporary Pharisees carry on the same malice towards Christian teachings, by just substituting the New World Order for Rome.

“His popularity, His talk of the kingdom, His affirmation that He was in fact the Messiah, this threatened the uneasy peace. If the people got behind Joseph’s son, Rome would awake, and start killing Jews indiscriminately, not bothering to distinguish the Pharisee party from the Jesus party. This is how Caiaphas came, in a moment of treachery, to speak a gospel truth when he said, “nor do you consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people, and not that the whole nation should perish” (John 11:50). The Pharisees hated Jesus not because He made them look bad with the people, but because He made them all look bad to Rome.”

Yet the ardent fans of alien mysteries are a significant audience of programs such as The History Channel series, Ancient Astronaut Theorist with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, who will be featured at the latest Alien Con convention. The popularity of the subject has grown over recent years. Nevertheless, after stripping all the scrutiny from the speculation, the true perspective is provided by Steve Quayle – The Big Lie – Aliens Are Saviors and Not Jesus.

“Quayle says dark powers are wanting humanity to believe a huge lie–that aliens created us. Quayle says, “They say the aliens created us. Ancient alien theory is that the aliens, through a process called panspermia basically dumped DNA in the primordial goo and out popped man and me and you. I categorically reject that. When people tell me we were created by aliens and Jesus was alien, I say I’ve got news for you. You say god was an alien, then why all of the recorded ancient records always talking about the aliens with male and female sexual reproduction? . . . The big lie is the ancient aliens created us. The reason why they want us to believe the aliens created us is because it takes away from the thought of hell, it takes away from the need for salvation and it absolutely minimalizes the most important being in the universe, and that is Jesus. It teaches in the Bible that through Jesus and by Jesus all things exist. It is really hard for people to accept that. Now, the fallen angels are getting people to embrace Satan. . . . What you are seeing is a post-Christian culture in America. The enemy, the devil, is running wild with every form of perversion, every form of genetic mutation and every form of doing away with mankind.”

Be prepared for being deceived by an archangel alien hologram.

SARTRE – September 24, 2019

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  1. A mistake many make is the all or none argument that because a group of said believers in Jesus as being the Son of God determined what materials to include in the composite called the Bible (which still varies a tiny bit, sect to sect) it’s all considered “inspired by God”. That’s similar to saying none of it is inspired by God, but came from someone’s imagination to turn people into sheeple, so they say.

    I can bring a great deal of scriptural evidence to say that the only part of the Bible that is 100% inspired by God, the One True Kingdom of God who created the earth and all it’s life forms are the words attributed to Jesus (though they too by translation options and context are often diluted and/or distorted – made figurative where a figure wasn’t drawn and/or not admitting to a literal application when it wasn’t figurative nor was in parable (story) form.

    That’s not to say that a great deal of the material in the Bible isn’t from the Kingdom of God, for instance the alleged Moses Torah writings, yet those materials are best when seen as collaborative to what Jesus taught. And the Revelation Book as a blueprint for the time period that started at the end of the last age (approx. 2000 yrs), essentially I believe referring to the 1900’s mostly but not exclusively.

    There is evidence that Moses didn’t write all the material in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Numbers but Jesus verified the core of what Christians should take in.

    On the other hand the letters attributed to Paul of Tarsus are all very suspect that is even substantiated by the students who were literally with Jesus and traveled with him, etc., who by the way, some of didn’t trust Paul so had some others they did trust accompany him but he didn’t want to stick with.

    Pauls story of being blinded on the road to Damascus has some major holes in it, though it could have been a space alien stimulated story directly or indirectly as a type of conspiracy or not and whether Paul was aware of it or not. Since Jesus said would be followers needed to be either pro or con as the middle road at that time and thereafter was no longer enough.

    First off on that note, Jesus had told his students that if someone came to them “in my name” (and his name was Jesus) portraying themselves as Christ – the anointed one – assigned to come by Jesus’ Father in Heaven, not to believe them. And that’s what happened to Paul which Paul would not have necessarily known about and/or the space alien soul didn’t know about or didn’t care because he knew he could work on humans to confuse them as today’s Christian religion demonstrates by no longer attempting to adhere to much of anything Jesus taught.

    Use of the alien word may seem like semantics but terms are keys to our greatest clarity of understanding all Jesus taught.

    The Kingdom of God are like ET’s in that they are not bound to any one planet in the universe. Like Jesus said their “house” has many abodes/residences (mansions). It is important to recognize the physicality of the Kingdom of God. But that’s not the biggest difference between space aliens and ET’s. Space Aliens are the dropout souls from a previous civilizations God Astronaut Training program. They not only dropped out of the elementary service they were provided by the Kingdom of God, they broke procedures to not interfere with humans on the planet as shown in Genesis 6 and in the Book of Enoch and in Rev 12 showing them falling once again as they were given many chances to recover from their blasphemy (teaching things to humans the Next Level didn’t approve of and most of all starting a hybridization program that produced those referred to as Nephilim (giants, mighty ones, etc.) on earth the reason for a partial recycling to start the experiment over again using the Noah family to re-populate with. Kingdom of God members don’t break procedures like that, but they weren’t yet full adult members of the Kingdom in outer space as they still had physical “celestial bodies” that could go through a reverse metamorphosis back into human behavior, what was triggered by Adam when he broke instructions. Jesus completed his metamorphosis during the time depicted as the Transfiguration, the Greek word for was metamorphoo. It’s that metabolic process change and made that physical vehicle he took over into a celestial body (one of the things Paul seemed to get right). A celestial body has no human mammalian characteristics – no gender, no race, no sexuality and the more advanced bodies grown on vines to adulthood thus no need for human reproductive methods to stimulate also lack digestive systems as they live off of “light energy” mostly, like Jesus taught.

    That’s why Jesus upped the standard for what was adultery to even lusting on someone while committed to another and eventually to Him as their “groom”. No marriage for Kingdom of God members which must start while in Souls are taking over human vehicles in the human condition to build their mind strong and free of such desires that would be a huge interference if sought after by habit in Kingdom of God laboratories. That’s the reason it was permissive to make oneself a eunuch for the Kingdom of God’s sake.

    Also to show that members have physical bodies in their Kingdom, Jesus proved his body was “not a spirit” and could eat yet could appear and disappear because that’s a characteristic of his new “butterfly” like body that can defy gravity and be physical but not seen by humans nor their technologies.

    Members of the Kingdom of God don’t need humans and don’t need new members. It’s their joy to have new members but they make the requirements very stiff – like a rod, but they give plenty of time and help for Souls along the way.

    Some good insights in this article comparing todays anti Jesus divinity believers with the new manifestation of the Pharisees but many Christians and other religionists and spiritual new agers are also caught up in that.

    I think Jesus telling the truth made the religious look bad to their followers and that was even said. Jn 11:50 talks of the people and the nation (from the Greek word ethnos-etho a race of the same habit, custom, which it seems was referring to the Jewish ethnos), where People from Greek laos refers to a people in general (not from one’s own populace which would be Greek demos.

    I agree that what Quayle is teaching is misinformation but it’s not without evidence that he is speaking of the space aliens and not about Members of our heavenly Father’s kingdom. Again Genesis 6 demonstrates that and also shows some type of propagation sexually or by some other means of artificial insemination. The point you make is well taken that the Kingdom of God doesn’t create their own physical vehicles through sexuality. They are not seed bearing as humans are and the space aliens are human equivalents – the reason why they abduct people and steal their eggs and sperm and other DNA as they have no other way to grow new vehicles their decayed souls can inhabit.

    But Jesus doesn’t teach that He is the most important being in the universe. He clearly indicates that position belongs to his Father in Heaven who is a distinctly different person He is representing to us, though the Father returns with him (Jn 14) as the Father also loves the students and the student upon return will be able to ask the Father questions directly because the Father would also return to reside (“make our abode with you”) with them, the reason He would have a new name and would witness to their students who He is becoming the Father for, who the Father is, shown in Rev 12 where the “woman” is the Father and gives birth to His Son – a male offspring of human (Son of Man) to the Throne where the Father is.

    I believe you may be correct – that the Luciferian space alien fallen angels (that aren’t “space” aliens any more because they were cast out of the heavens so at best can just traverse in the near space around earth) do create holograms and also teach humans to do so. An example that I believe was a hologram was the appearance of the virgin Mary in the Fatima event and other apparitions that Rev 13 talks about happening, also by the hands of the little horn (Daniel) “beast” (Greek therion) performing signs and wonders, while signs and markers are shown by the Kingdom of God as happening according to Jesus among the “Sun, Moon and Stars (eg planets, comets, asteroids, meteors, etc.) – as Jesus said in Matthew 24 “sign as lightning shining from east to west” where lightning is rooted in the Greek word “aster” – Star that is “strewn across the heavens” – seeming to most depict a comet.

    The Kingdom of God is Supernatural only in the context that the Kingdom of God is beyond what is evidenced as natural to most humans. Is the spirit world natural? I think to anyone who believes in God in most any religion it is natural however mysterious and not understood because it can’t easily be quantified by even modern day physics. Hence it can be thought of as another dimension but not an etheric one like the discarnate dead humans are after they die. Spirit is synonymous with Mind and mind develops in each human, starting from one’s genetic strain, then building upon it through environmental influences of parents, society, culture, etc. It’s our choices of what to fill our heads with and what behaviors and ways to make our own that shapes our spirit. Souls are containers that hold only Kingdom of God quality (true) Mind (Holy Spirit) that can grow to become a Member of the Kingdom of God upon the return of the Ones who were The Father and Jesus.

    Members of the Kingdom of God are not aliens. They own the earth and all it’s life forms. The aliens are the false gods, the fallen angels that all can be spoken about as the Luciferian fallen angel space alien souls and their hybridized human vehicles they use, to include the use of influential humans worldwide.

    The One who was using the vehicle named “Jesus” said he was coming back as a son of man again but with a new name (Rev 3:12) and would bring his “witness” with him, his Father to reside with Their returned student souls (Jn 14). They became the Two Witnesses, in the names Bo and Peep in world news in 1975+ and then even bigger story as TI and DO in 1997 to date still being talked about in the media because they laid down their bodies (as Jesus said they would have to do then and now) as the Heaven’s Gate “cult” the ONLY subculture without any human motivations or abuses or quests for power and money and sex, etc. All their students became like “children” having left their human families behind (that God took care of). (I know them as I was with them for 19 years) so am bearing witness to them. The name of the white horse was Marshall Applewhite (BO and DO). And the Father took a female vehicle named Bonnie Lu Truesdale Nettles (TI and Peep). TI was the “woman” in Rev 12. I can show this through most all the verses of Jesus teachings and prophecies and in the book of revelations and contextually into the Old Testament.

    You have really tuned into Their Mind in this article – that’s no small feat – and gift from Them but it will also be a test for you (as we are all tested continuously to help us gain strength against the lower forces programming). I hope you won’t hastily judge what I said about Ti and Do. You can do as Jesus instructed and Ask “our Father in the heavens – the deep heavens and they will help you further to see more as we are in the time of the 4th seal opening so time is short before the conclusion of the experiment of who will side with “God” and who will side with “mammon” (human mammals and all they deem treasure and wealth including intellect, science, etc.)

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