STATE TV? Trump calls FOX NEWS “WE”

Trump Provides Clear Evidence that FOX NEWS is actually FOX GOP NEWS. Time for a Class Action Lawsuit?


Yesterday TRUMP said about Fox News ‘’WE have a lot of great people’’.

How much more proof do “WE THE PEOPLE” need before we all understand Fox News is STATE TV.

One can be a supporter of Trump. One can love his policies. But open we must our eyes when watching FOX NEWS. We are watching STATE TV for the GOP. Plain and Simple!

We just need to watch it smartly and know it’s the GOP NEWS channel. So let’s all NOT pretend it’s actual news. This is the proper way to consume STATE TV.

Finally, “we the people” must file a class-action lawsuit to force FOX NEWS to change their name to FOX GOP NEWS. They misrepresent themselves. Misrepresentation is illegal. They must be stopped from duping the USA and Global public.

* Above Trump Video above was taken from CNN Host Ana Cabrera news show that was broadcast on Aug 18, 2019

This is HOW it should FOX GOP NEWS should look like to the public. This is HONEST.

Exhausted by the polarized political world in the USA, I wrote, performed and produced THE VIOLATION to express my frustration with the LEFT and RIGHT extremists who think they are so right creating hate, mistrust, conspiracy theories and fanning the flames on the way to civil war.

You think you’re so right
You think you’re so left
And you think you’re so smart
But you act like all the rest

You cannot see
What they do to you and me
Blinded by the lights
camera action you’ve lost the fight
cause you….

You’ve been violated
oh so so violated

It was a….
ah weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You think you’re so right
And you think you’re so left
Yeah ya think you’re so smart
But you’re such a freakin’ mess

They got you to watch one side
You quote them all the time
Like a puppet on their string
It’s the chorus you shall sing

You’ve been violated
oh so so violated

It was a…
ah weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Don’t stick your tongue at me
I’m not your enemy
I will not piss on your back and tell you it’s raining

oh oh so violated

you were…
ah weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now go eat your sliver of bread and enjoy the show
Written, Performed and Produced by Johnny Punish
* Special Guest Musician: Lead guitar by Stefano Andrigo of Milan, Italy

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