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Hallelujah to the New Age worship of state controlled violence. For the adamant dreamland multitude, their canon of conduct demands that individuals disarm themselves and allow the policing functions only as conducted by official government authorities. These ‘true believers’ avoid any serious examination of the continual abuses of state sponsored despotism, court abuses of Bill of Right protections and cultural perversions designed to create a docile population. The cries for outlawing firearms are based upon the erroneous proposition that guns, if banned, would make a safe society. The legitimate natural right of self-defense is ignored or repudiated for some vague notion of the ‘greater good’.

A current example between a former and current Congresswoman illustrates the destructive attitude and legislative advocacy that Lucy McBath maintains for her constituency much less the entire country, McBath Calls for ‘Gun-Free Society’.

“Representative Lucy McBath (D., Ga.) urged a group of gun-rights activists to “stand up for a gun-free society” during a press conference on her introduction of a red flag bill.

“The time has come to stand up, to be empowered to save lives,” Rep. McBath said at the end of her press conference. “That is our charge. That is what we’re called to do.”

Handel Calls Out McBath for “Gun-Free Society” Remarks, exposes the real record of another delusional Congresswoman and those ardent gun grabbers dedicated to confiscate effective weapons of personal protection.

Former GA-6 Representative Karen Handel issued a press release today that calls out Rep. Lucy McBath (GA-6, D) during a press conference, Karen Handel issued the following statement:

“Lucy McBath says one thing to voters here at home and something else to the media and her out-of-state donors. She says she supports the Second Amendment – except when she doesn’t. She lied to us about actually living in Tennessee. She said she was against outside money funding campaigns — while Michael Bloomberg and other liberal organizations were spending millions to buy the seat for her. Now, she’s lying to us again.”

A gun free society has been tried over and over again. The inevitable result has always been the surrender of individual freedom and national liberty. If you hear the capitulation from the weak minded, it becomes sickening. The attitude sounds like this. I’m glad to give up some rights for a promise of safety. Such idiocy out of metro social warriors or suburban soccer moms exhibits their eagerness to forfeit the defense of an autonomous civilization.

When the likes of a Lucy McBath proclaim: “to be empowered to save lives“, she ignores the facts used by the astute columnist, Larry Elder in the article, How Many Lives Are Saved By Guns — And Why Don’t Gun Controllers Care?

“Given the large number of defensive uses of guns, that the purpose of the right to keep and bear is to stop government tyranny, and the legal and moral difficulties of taking guns away from “crazy people,” Trump’s prescription to “harden the target” and eliminate “gun-free zones” makes the most sense.”

In the psycho drama of the gun control proponents, the most extreme mental cases make Nurse Mildred Ratched looks like a sage of reason. The pharmacological prescription addicts use a pathetic appeal to emotional fear that far surpasses the caged asylum of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

A gun free society endangers every defenseless citizen. Red flag laws are red herrings, designed to disarm the public, while never tackling the underlying factors that breed mentally ill crazies.

The Common Sense Show cites Mike Adams in the essay, If the Liberals Wanted a Safer America They Would Ban SSRI’s and Promote Universal Firearms Training.

“If progressive liberal were intent on making America safer, then they would ban SSRI’s not guns.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), a class of antidepressants, have been identified by doctors like Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former consultant to the National Institute of Mental Health, Peter R. Breggin, lists SSRI’s as the primary culprits in mass shootings. Consider the evidence presented in the following paragraph.

Recently, a partial list of mass shooters and their link to psychotropic drugs was compiled.”

Engineering another generation of deranged Manchurian Candidates in a depraved culture produces the next round of mass murders. Blaming guns for the actions of sick and depressed anti-social lunatics is not rational. They would just call an Uber vehicle, and supplant the chauffeur with a suicide driver and point towards a dense assembly of pedestrians. Just imagine the carnage when driverless vehicles become widespread.

The point that bleeding heart progressives or limousine liberals fail to accept is that society has been in a downward spiral for decades. The movement to undermine the 2nd Amendment has as its goal the dismantling of the constitution. Gun free zones are equivalent to make the public target rich environments and foster government tyranny at every opportunity.

John Hawkins reminds the 5 Things the Gun Grabbers Apparently Don’t Understand.

1) A “gun free zone” won’t keep bad people with guns away:

2) Criminals and lunatics don’t obey gun laws:

3) We already have somewhere between 200-300 million guns in this country:

4) Gun owners aren’t required to explain a “need” for our Second Amendment rights:

5) You’re not fooling us:

Such arguments fall on deaf ears in the gated and private security enclaves where the haters of America maintain their cult communities. The echo chamber of the corporatist media plays on the harp strings of the feeble minded. They condone any efforts to strip guns from an armed public. Always seeking a docile populace for a submissive globalism, the wreckers in the principle of self-defense relish the next tragic warfare episode.

Stop these apocalyptic demands to disarm and adopt practices to train defensive skills for self-preservation. Demand that politicians forcefully promote guns and concealed carry. Object to the hysteria for gun free zones, which turn into death traps for the defenseless. In the end, only a free people achieve a life worth living.

SARTRE – August 13, 2019

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