The Power of Mentorship – Former LRS Army Ranger Scott Wealing

Balancing Family and Country - Scott Wealing

My dad shared with me when I was a teen that there were two ways to wisdom: experience and mentorship. When I asked him which path was easier, he told me mentorship – and then as a teen I proceeded to take the hard road and embrace the philosophy, “I need to figure it out on my own; who needs a mentor.”

I then I got wise.

Truth is, we learn from both – and those who choose to grow personally and professionally will likely continue to learn from both.

One individual who has embraced and continues to perfect this practice is former Army Ranger Long Range Surveillance expert and current CEO of Briggs Core Dynamics Scott Wealing.

Scott will tell you he isn’t exceptional. But when you read his life accomplishments to date, it’s hard not to see someone who is…well…exceptional.

Scott served as an Army Ranger (Long Range Surveillance/LRS) for 15 years – and in that 15 years he completed the LRS Leadership Course, Airborne, Air Assault, Survival, Tracking/Counter Tracking training and even became a Drill Sergeant. On the side, he also trained as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician.

After the Military, he served as a PSD/Protective Agent for L. Paul Bremer during his term as Ambassador in Iraq in 2003; and continued to conduct protective operations for various intelligence agencies and NGO’s in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo until 2013.

Scott continues to provide executive protection for celebrities, executives and high net worth families. He has vast experience in conducting site surveys and vulnerability assessments for government and non-government organizations all over the globe.

He is a qualified Firearms instructor through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and has trained Secret Service Agents, FBI Agents, Local Law Enforcement, US Military Special Operations Personnel as well as Military Conventional Forces, both US and Allied Nations.

Exceptional. But when you ask him, he’ll share that he is just a normal Joe doing his part. He’s unassuming – And his secret? He knows he is the sum of what others have invested in him – and that what he has achieved can be achieved by others…if they are willing to surround themselves with great mentors.

In The Military Wire Podcast (hear the full interview here), he grabbed on to a mentor early in his career and continues the practice today – which is helping strengthen communities across the country.

If you want to succeed in your personal and professional life, surround yourself with those who have gone before you and have what you want.

His company, Briggs Core Dynamics, is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, comprised exclusively of former Military Special Operations and Law Enforcement Personnel and provides high level training to Civilians, Law Enforcement, and NGO’s.

His bottom line: Equip individuals and communities with the skills and knowledge they need to keep themselves safe.  And be a mentor.

Regardless of your profession, find a mentor – one who has accomplished milestones you hope to achieve – and you too will become…exceptional.


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