Military veterans, federal agents join forces to fight child predators

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By Stephen Owsinski

While we embrace our full-active military service members who bravely enforce foreign policies and buttress American interests abroad, a highly-specialized cadre of military veterans and federal agents combat a home-based battle. As there are foes (nations) whose political objectives are carried out by its military forces, so too are there nemeses on American soil whose perversions are abated by heroes.

Who are these gallant gatekeepers?

Composed of federal law enforcement agents and disabled military veterans, a new program is thriving in the arena of national-level investigations. Specifically, federal agents with Homeland Security and wounded military veterans teamed-up to abate child predation, using a national net to ensnare perpetrators and decimate the scourge of perversion.

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John Allen
Since 2011, VNR, formerly known as VNN, has operated in alternative media and information space for U.S. Military Veterans. John Allen is the General Manager.

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