VA is Lying Facebook Group is Social Media Done Right

VA is Lying Facebook group exposes rampant, systemic corruption and incompetence within the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Roughly eight years ago, the VA is Lying Facebook group launched a billboard campaign exposing rampant, systemic corruption and incompetence within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Led by Vietnam veteran Ronald Nessler, the VA is Lying billboards garnered broad media attention, and helped further boost the plight of veterans into the national spotlight.

The VA is Lying group works with other pro-veteran individuals and groups, including attorney Benjamin Krause of and Vets For Justice. The group maintains a contact list of VA employees that are interested in helping veterans resolve their difficulties with the VA.

Back when they started, I spoke with one VA is Lying Facebook group member that did confirm that he was able to finalize an ongoing years-long Compensation & Pension appeal by working with VA contacts provided by the group.

A new wave of billboards is in the process of being put together, and the support of veterans and their families is critical at this point to ensure progress can continue.

From the VA is Lying Press Release:

VA is LYING group was founded because we believe that US military veterans are America’s most noble and deserving citizens and that veterans are owed respect, honesty, and safe health care from VA, as promised to us when we served.

We contend, that VA is wildly corrupt and is currently operated for the profit and luxury of VA employees, VA contractors, and certain corrupt politicians. We hold, that every member of Congress knows this. Many BILLIONS of tax dollars are devoured by VA each year, while VA consistently tells veterans there is no money for veteran health care.

Our group’s purpose is to raise public awareness of the corruption at the VA and thereby force Congress and VA officials to clean things up. Many of us support shutting down VA health care completely and issuing veterans a Medicare-style health care card with no co-pays and a prescription benefit, very similar to what members of Congress have.

We are open to discussion on that, but we demand that all VA lying to veterans, Congress, and taxpayers stop immediately and that ordinary veterans have a seat at the table to figure out how to fix VA.

VA is Lying is the fastest-growing veteran-centric social media group online with over 26,000 plus members as of Feb 2023.

The sheer size of this group shows veterans are tired of persistent deception from VA leadership and regional fiefdoms across the country. We are fed up and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

VA has a multi-million dollar-per-year public relations budget that is used to keep most of America in the dark about VA crimes.  Individual veterans are ready to fight against VA financial corruption with or without the traditional media.

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