Why Teaching Can Be a Great Job for a Veteran


After retiring from the service, you might wonder what you can do next. There are so many options for veterans when it comes to finding work, whether that’s starting their own business, consulting, or moving into leadership roles. Teaching can also be a great option for veterans, as it can be a great opportunity to pass on your wisdom and expertise to both mature students and the younger generation. If you have always enjoyed working with kids and have a passion for learning, perhaps this would be a good fit for you? If you’re still unsure, here are a few reasons why teaching is a great job for veterans.  


Teaching as a career is full of challenges, so being adaptable as an educator is important. 2020 proved that more so than ever when students had to resort to online learning led by their teachers as a result of the pandemic. This switch was difficult for educators and students all over the world, but they managed to adapt to this new way of learning and it might continue in some ways for private tutors or as booster lessons in the future. Many educators have shared their online teaching tips for guidance, which would be worth looking into if you are interested in this line of work. 

You’ve Got the Right Discipline 

When it comes to studying, everyone knows that you need to have a good level of discipline to sit down and get the work done. As a veteran, you will have learned a lot about discipline during your time in the service, and you can use this experience to help others develop this skill. You will also be able to apply this in the classroom, keeping your students under control and making sure that they are respecting you and their fellow students (this is particularly useful when teaching younger age groups).  

Leadership Skills 

Another excellent quality that veterans have is the ability to lead. Even if you weren’t serving in a top senior position, you’ll understand the importance of teamwork and how a strong leader can make a big difference. As a teacher, you will need to adopt this role for your students, helping to give them advice and guidance regarding their studies, and perhaps beyond this if they come to you for help with other issues that they might be facing at home or with other students.  

Working Under Pressure 

If anyone is going to know how to work in high-pressure environments, it’s veterans. Active duty can put you in life-threatening situations that require you to be alert and ready for anything, both for the sake of your survival as well as the rest of the people in your squad, in your platoon, and in your company. Even if you haven’t been out in a war zone during your time in the service, there are very high standards that you are expected to adhere to, which is why not everyone is cut out to work in the armed forces. If you can handle the pressures of being in the military, you can certainly handle the pressures of being a teacher. 

If you’re a veteran who is thinking about what their next move is career-wise, take the time to look into teaching because it could be the perfect fit for you. 

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