14 Benefits of Pursuing an Engineering Career


Engineering plays a crucial role in society. Without it, there would be no highways, aircraft, computers, and so much more – humanity would be virtually unrecognizable. With such responsibility comes the need for scientific and technical understanding alongside strong problem-solving skills.

If you think you have what it takes, then you could end up in a career that’s both fulfilling and stimulating – here are 14 benefits to pursuing an engineering career.

  1. The Variety of Roles

From mechanical engineers to biomedical engineers, there’s no shortage of roles when it comes to engineering. It means that no matter which area you are interested in, there is sure to be a career that suits it.

If you have a keen interest in space travel, for example, then you could pursue aerospace engineering, where you could design an aircraft that flies into space. If you’re someone who’s a little more grounded, then you could go for electrical engineering instead, where you’ll craft electrical equipment used all over the world – and there’s a lot of it!

  1. The Chance to Develop

The moment you start studying engineering is the moment you enter a path that barely has an end in sight. If you are ambitious, then there are plenty of opportunities to develop in the career and attain an extremely advanced role, such as an operations manager – follow this link for more information.

Nobody likes the thought of working in a dead-end job, so pursuing engineering will keep you motivated and excited about your career. Plus, with the chance to climb comes the opportunity to earn even more!

  1. The High Salary

Engineering is generally a high-paid role, with many starting salaries floating around $70K per year, which is significantly higher than the US average. Plus, if you spend many years in the role and work your way up, you could end up earning much more than that – the average electrical engineer earns $101K per year while the average computer hardware engineer earns $117K.

So, if it’s a high salary that you’re striving toward, engineering will not disappoint.

  1. It’s a Respected Pursuit

Even just telling people that you are in engineering school is enough to earn their respect. Everyone knows that engineering requires smart, hard-working people and that it contributes massively to society, so you’ll already score high in people’s books just by being in such a career.

Think about the last time you attended an event – did you think higher of those who told you they were in a high-up career? The chances are you did, even if it was only subconsciously. Plus, if you think being an engineer gains you respect, just think about how people would perceive you as an advanced engineer. If that is something that motivates you, then climbing the engineering ladder could be the right path for you.

  1. It is in High Demand

Most people have a fear that the career they’re working toward is going to fizzle out, but with engineering, you don’t have to worry about this. That is because engineering plays a pivotal role in society and is something that no computer can achieve in the same way humans can.

So, if you decide to pursue an engineering degree, you can rest assured that there is a stable career at the end of it right up until you retire.

  1. There are Lots of Engineering Courses

There are few limitations when it comes to choosing an engineering course, as there are so many out there. Plus, if you complete your bachelor’s, you can always go back for your master’s to develop your career even further. By deciding to become an engineer, you open yourself up to many course opportunities, including in-person education and online courses.

  1. You Can Work Anywhere

This benefit will particularly appeal to those who love to explore. If the thought of staying in your home town your entire life frightens you, then rest assured that a career in engineering will allow you to sail far and wide.

Engineering is needed all around the globe, so no matter where you are currently based, the chances are there’ll be a job there for you. If you’d rather spend your life hopping from country to country, then there are engineering careers that allow that, too. There truly is no limit when it comes to engineering – it’s a career that really does give you your freedom.

  1. It Allows Creative Thinking

Thinking creatively every day improves not only your work quality but also boosts your mind’s health. Each day, you will use the creative side of your brain to come up with technical solutions to problems, strengthening the neurons in your brain.

Many people think jobs that involve creativity and pay well are hard to come by, but that is not the case with engineering. While you will also need a healthy dose of technical thinking, you will also need bounds of creativity.

  1. You’ll Never Stop Learning

You can’t learn everything about engineering in one, five, ten, or even twenty years – it’s a pursuit that requires lifelong learning. For those that have a thirst for knowledge, this is perfect.

Even if you think you’ve gotten to the stage where you are an expert in the field, there are always new developments coming out. For example, with aerospace engineering, there are constantly new ways of thinking about and creating aircraft, meaning your job is always evolving. By the time you retire, you’ll have a lifetime of knowledge that most can only dream of!

  1. You Get to Solve the World’s Problems

Can you think of a more productive career than one that actively solves the world’s problems? As an engineer, you work towards creating equipment that betters the world, whether that’s air travel or agricultural machinery.

There’s something satisfying about going to work each day, knowing you’re making a real difference. While all careers contribute to something, engineers contribute on a much grander scale.

  1. The Job is Never Boring

If you have ever worked in a job that has the exact same routine day in day out, you’ll understand the importance of a varied and exciting career. As an engineer, you’ll never be confronted with boredom, as you’ll always work toward new and innovative projects.

There is no denying that your work as an engineer is challenging, but that is what makes it so dynamic and interesting. It’s a job for the kind of people that like to be mentally stimulated every single day.

  1. You Get to Work with Others

Engineering isn’t a solo mission – while working on projects, you’ll have a team alongside you striving toward the same goals. If you are a people person, then having a role where you are surrounded by people significantly improves your happiness.

The friendships you make as an engineer will be with you for life. After working on something so intensely together, how could you not end up forming such strong bonds?

  1. The Transferable Skills

Even if you wake up one day to discover that life has an entirely different path for you, you won’t have wasted your time working as an engineer. That is because the skills and knowledge you gain as an engineer are transferable to many other areas in life, for example:

  • Communication

Engineers are great communicators – they must be. They have to communicate technical language clearly each day in order to convey what they mean perfectly. This is a skill that is necessary for almost every career!

  • Creativity

A creative mind is something to be cherished, and engineering requires that side of your brain to go full force. Fortunately, creativity is valuable in many careers and areas of life and will only ever serve you well.

  • Problem-Solving

The analytics skills you pick up as an engineer are invaluable and will help you think about the world in a completely different way.

  1. You’re Around Other Engineers

Engineers are some of the cleverest, creative, and admirable people in the world, so why wouldn’t you want to be around them each day? They say that people are who they spend the most time with, so by spending more time with interesting and talented people, you are sure to develop into an even better human.

How do You Become an Engineer?

If you decide you want to pursue engineering, you’ll need to choose which area you want to enter and then apply for an engineering bachelor’s degree. Many engineers also choose to pursue their master’s, too, depending on the role they want. Once you’ve completed your education, you can then start thinking about applying to entry roles before working your way up.

Engineering isn’t an easy career – not only does it take natural creative ability and problem-solving skills, but it also requires a lot of hard work, from the moment you start education to the day you retire. If you do have what it takes, though, engineering will give you a long, fulfilling, and satisfying career.

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