Tips For Pursuing a Medical Negligence Claim


If you have recently experienced what you believe to be a case of medical negligence, either at your local doctor’s practice or in a hospital or any other medical setting, then you may well be looking into placing a medical negligence claim against the individuals involved.

Here, for your information, are five tips for pursuing a medical negligence claim – to have the best possible chance of being reimbursed.

1.    Consider Your Time Limits

When looking for the right company to represent you and guide you through the organization and preparation of your medical negligence claim, it is important to choose a company that will not reject or not pays enough due attention to claims that are made after a lengthy period of time.

As a general rule, the accepted time limit in which to start a claim after a case of medical negligence has occurred is three years from the exact date of the incident.

2.    Keep Records of Everything

When you contact a lawyer about your case, they will want to know as much information and detailed data as possible about everything related to the incident, and it is for this reason that you should keep a record of absolutely everything that has happened to you.

If you have experienced what you believe to be a case of medical negligence, either regarding yourself as the patient or else a family member, then reputable medical negligence lawyers, such as BIK Law Firm, can assist you with starting a claim and answering any queries you that may have. They should be one of the first places you contact.

3.    Remember 3 Basic Rules of Choosing a Lawyer

When the time comes to select the right attorneys firm to represent you throughout your case, it is absolutely crucial to remember three basic rules:

  1. The lawyer should be willing to handle all the related paperwork
  2. You should not be charged one single penny until the case has come to a settlement
  3. The lawyer should be offering free legal advice regarding your claim

4.    Be as Consistent as Possible

A point often overlooked is that it will be necessary to be able to recount your entire experience of the medical negligence incident, over and over again, to your attorney and to other legal professionals.

It is entirely likely that, if your case goes to court, you will again have to go through every stage of what occurred in a calm and factual way – so it is for this reason that you must be as consistent as possible in your version of events.

5.    Ask for a Second Medical Opinion

Finally, and ideally, before you officially start your claim, you should seek a second opinion regarding the injuries you sustained and any other issues you want to draw attention to about your medical mishap.

Misdiagnosis not only could cause a problem for you in a personal and health-related way but could also cause issues during the case itself as it unfolds.

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