What Distinguishes Dedicated Server from Virtual Private One?


A large-scale project can hardly be implemented today without a solid concept of online support for one’s products and customers. Even if you have a website, you may have noticed that its capacities have been getting more and more insufficient. Thus, you arrive at a decision of renovating your website or creating a new one, powerful and safe. 

In such an instance, the hosting service provider would probably suggest two alternatives: a dedicated server or a virtual private server, because these two are regarded mostly as the best existing solutions for such a project. But they are not the same thing, so, next we will define both of them in order to understand which one is your absolutely correct choice. 

What Composes the Constitutive Attributes of Dedicated Server?

Having chosen the cheap dedicated server, one acquires the whole server for use of their web site. It means one is the only consumer. Thus, we switch over to compiling a list of dedicated server characteristics arising under this crucial feature:

  1. High operation speed. Since your Inet site, or Inet application, has the full services of the bandwidth, processor and memory on the dedicated server; it operates then at the highest speed and productiveness level. You don’t want to receive constantly negative feedback about the response rate of your web site, do you? So, you definitely need this option.
  1. Modification potentials. Then, the whole server at your disposition means a good opportunity not only to make up the entire concept of your web resource, but also to apply all its settings according to this concept. So you don’t have to be constrained by the built-in equipment cliches on the shared servers which cannot be much modified.    


  1. The highest standard of safety. All the same, one user utilizing the dedicated server is now at liberty to lay down and change the full set of security preferences – it makes the whole performance safer and more trouble-free. Your web site or application becomes almost inaccessible for most viruses and malicious programs. 

What is the Main Distinction of Virtual Private Server?

Having two names compared, one would think that VPS – short for the virtual private server ought to be the full equivalent to the dedicated one, but actually it’s not true. For any virtual private server such a profile can be built:

  1. While making use of the virtual private server, you employ, after all, one server with lots of other abonents, as it happens on shared servers, but you have a definite space quota on it, with reserved traffic and memory. So, now the dedicated resource is at your disposal and now you can afford not to pay more for a dedicated server! Quite frequently, it works perfectly for medium-sized enterprises. 
  1. Besides good capacity, your web site will be fully adjustable, so you will be able to change its settings in compliance with your project growth rates. Thus, the offer is especially reasonable for upswing companies. 
  1. Although VPS involves more cost than the shared one, it is still more affordable than renting a dedicated server, that’s why many hosting customers declare this option as a sensible alternative to the latter. 

To conclude, it must be said, both VPS and dedicated servers require more sophisticated knowledge on server management, of course, if you wish to tune up all settings and control the whole process yourself. At least, you may need a real tech-expert to do that instead of you. 

Finally, on which one to decide? It depends on your project size and budget, but even if you already seem to know the answer, hosting specialists will give you additional cues to help you with the ultimate choice. Modern hosting companies, say, like GTHost, can provide you with various packages of service which can be fixed in a highly flexible way, according to your objectives. Thus, flexibility together with reliable performance are the essential criteria for you by choosing a hosting  company and its services. 

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