How to Give Your Pets a Stress-Free Life


Dogs who bark or whine through the night, skittish cats, we have all seen an animal that appears uncomfortable with no discernible cause.

The truth is, our little furry friends are not exempt from stresses and strains of life and can, unfortunately, experience stress and anxiety just as much as we do, so how can we help them?

This piece will discuss how we can help give your pets a stress-free life!

How to Notice Stress in Pets?

Stress and anxiety can manifest in many ways, similarly to humans, and it can be difficult to pinpoint why a pet may be behaving in such a way. For example, ‘some misbehaviors’ such as a dog being destructive, ruining your favorite shoes or tearing up the living room, a cat not using their litter tray, or biting unprovoked can all be signs of inner anxiety and stress that your pets are experiencing.

While pet insurance from dog parent-approved providers like Bivvy and active veterinary care are key ways to ensure the overall health of your pet, there are additional ways pet owners can identify and manage signs of stress and anxiety in their dogs.

 Build Confidence to Help Pet Stress

Building confidence in your pets is a great way to help alleviate their stress, allowing them to feel more self-assured and comfortable. Separation anxiety can be prevalent in dogs, and this can cause them to act out if they feel insecure and anxious on their own. Training can help dogs feel more comfortable being separated from their owner. Training is also tied in with reward giving, and there are now plenty of treats on the market that can cater to the emotional wellbeing of a dog such as dog treats from These treats have an extract that is derived from the hemp plant, which has been known to have calming effects. A great combination to help alleviate stress while training!

 Be Calm and Patient with Your Anxious Pet

Often easier said than done, having an anxious or stressed pet can cause nothing short of anxiety and stress in the owner. Unfortunately, this just drives a negative cycle. Dogs are intelligent creatures and can pick up on body language, mood and other emotional queues, which means if your furry friend senses you are stressed and anxious, these emotions are much more likely to affect your pet, and the cycle continues. Of course, it is not easy to be patient with a pup who is peeing over the carpet several times a day. Still, the key is to remain calm and understanding as often as possible, so your pet doesn’t stay in the same anxious state that is causing the issues in the first place.

Prepare for Stressful Events

It is well known that when Halloween or other holidays are around the corner, this can usually spell trouble for your pets. The influx of noise, people coming in and out of the house, and of course, terrifying sounds such as fireworks is enough to put anyone on edge, but dogs won’t understand why any of this is happening.

It is best for anxious pets to have a routine and have a relatively consistent day to day life to keep anxiety in check. Still, the holidays offer a variety of new stimuli that are not always welcome, so prepare ahead as to avoid as much disruption as possible.

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