Keeping it classy: how to dress appropriately at a casino


“I don’t know what to wear.” Everyone has said this at least once, but probably a thousand times before heading out on the town. We all have that friend who never seems to have the right clothes.

Going out to a casino is no different. There are definite acceptable ways to dress when you want to gamble.

Attire requirements are specific to each individual casino. Some are super formal, while others don’t care if you wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Most casinos will advertise the style of dress they require, but for some you might need to make a phone call to the casino or do a bit of digging through reviews.

Before going to a new casino, you should always find out if there is a unique dress code. These insider tips should offer information about how to dress for any casino occasion.

Male Attire for a High-End Casino

It’s a common misconception that guys have it easier than girls when it comes to getting dressed. It is actually a similar struggle because of all the rules men must follow.

First, on rare occasions, casinos may require white-tie style dress code. This is the most formal way of dressing.

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White-tie typically requires a dress coat in black with tails and pants to match. The pants must have a satin stripe down the side.

A white shirt is a must, as is a white vest and bowtie. To add matching elements, one wears white or gray gloves.  Black leather shoes finish the look.

This is a rare requirement for casinos, but some formal events that do require this style might take place in a casino setting

More commonly requested, but still a bit formal, is a black-tie dress code. Most casinos in Europe require black-tie attire as do some VIP clubs in the US. If that is too much you can always play from the comfort of your own home at mega 888 2021.

Black-tie dress usually involves a white shirt, black bowtie, dark dinner jacket, and black oxford shoes.

‘Black-tie optional’ is a more recent term that is typically used for wedding attire and is now appearing as a casino dress code. It is similar to regular black-tie but is just a bit more relaxed.  In short, ‘black-tie optional’ is a simple way of saying to dress as formally as possible without going out of your way.

Any dark suit and tie with a white shirt underneath will fly in black tie optional settings.

Last, semi-formal attire is a bit easier to follow and is much more commonly seen in casinos. A dark business suit is really the way to go, without any flashy colored shirts or ties. You still want to rock the leather dress shoes, though.

High-end casinos always request different styles of dress from their players, so make sure you know what the casino requires and understand the details of each style.

Female Attire for a High-End Casino

Women actually have it a bit simpler than men do when it comes to dressing for a night in the casino.

A white-tie dress only requires an evening gown that reaches the floor. She has the option to wear elbow-length gloves and accessories like tiaras and sparkly jewels.

Black tie attire for women refers to anything from a beautiful cocktail dress to a ballgown. The new trendy pantsuit is even acceptable for black-tie required. The only real necessity is that women wear evening shoes.

Semi-formal attire is where women start to have choices and might not know what works best. A cocktail dress is always a safe bet. In the same vein, a little black dress also falls under this category.

Skirts or dress pants, as long as they are dressed up, can also usually carry off the semi-formal requirements. Women’s options seem to be plentiful, but this often just makes the task more daunting.

For the More Casual Gamblers

Things start to get toned down a bit when we move into the business casual attire category.  More casinos tend to enforce this style than any of the higher-end styles.

The critical thing to consider in this case, is how you would dress for an office job. For women, that might mean khaki pants or a skirt with a collared shirt or knit sweater. They can even wear a dress with a blazer or jacket to dress it up a bit more.

Men should opt for a sports coat or blazer with fancy pants. Polo shirts are acceptable, as are button-downs and dress shirts. No tie is required, keeping the formality to a minimum.

On the other hand, a very blurry line appears with the word “casual.” It does not mean to show up wearing what you walked around town wearing all day.

Although it doesn’t include formal wear or business attire, casual still means to look beautiful.

Women could wear dresses or skirts, nice blue jeans, khakis, t-shirts or blouses, really anything that is nice but not formal.

Men can similarly wear khakis or blue jeans with a polo shirt or tee. The only suggestion for men is to steer clear of sandals.

Most casinos only require casual wear, so it is a good idea to get familiar with its requirements.

How to Maximize Your Look

According to Lucian Marinescu at Online Casino Gems, how you dress at a casino is a quintessential balancing act. “Going out to the casino isn’t a fashion show, but it is essential to fit in with the scene. If you are planning to stay in a casino for an extended period, think about everything you might need. Consider a layered outfit if you are not a huge fan of air.”

You always want to keep in mind that many other people want to enjoy their playing time, too. Try not to dress in revealing or offensive clothing, and always shower beforehand!

These tips and tricks might help you feel better about your experience in a casino. You’ll look great, feel great, and hopefully win high!

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