If you are a first-timer, choosing the right hunting rifle can really be a confusing task. Especially when you visit a highly-stocked sporting-goods store in your area; you may not know which rifle to pick. This is because there are countless models of rifles to choose from, and therefore, knowing which the best for your requirements, can be tricky. Remember a successful hunting trip begins with choosing the right hunting rifle. So, with the right type of a rifle and hunting optics, you’re likely to increase the accuracy and enjoyment of your hunting activity. The AGM Global Vision has stocked all the varieties of rifles that are likely to make your hunting trip a success, so you can check out with them. Read on to know the vital tips for choosing the right hunting or shooting rifle.

  • Do proper Legwork

Before proceeding to the shop to buy a hunting rifle, it’s paramount that you do your research. Get to know the models available in the market so that you can decide which one to evaluate further. Utilize the Internet well and consult with different manufacturers online. Also, try to subscribe to various online forums so that you can get detailed information about different rifle models. You may also approach a local gunsmith you know and ask for their opinions about a particular rifle. This legwork and research will put you in a position to make a well-informed decision.

  • Comfort Level

In order to aim properly with your gun, you must be feeling at ease when holding it. You need a rifle that you can hold comfortably while you’re out in the field hunting. The ideal rifle should neither be too heavy nor too light for you. Make sure you can comfortably and safely reach the trigger of your gun. Also, ensure the rifle balances well in your hands. In fact, there should be no extra weight, at either end of the rifle. It’s worth testing your favorite rifle prior to leaving the shop. If you’re buying online, make sure you check all the specs of that rifle you are ordering. By so doing, you’ll not have any problems when hunting with your new gun.

  • Rifle Action

The commonly known rifle action plans include bolt, pump, lever, single-shot and semi-automatic. The action that you go for can either depend on your intended shooting activity or your personal preferences. For instance, bolt actions are said to be highly reliable. If you’re a hunter that prefers simplicity, then consider going for a single action rifle. Always have in mind your planned hunting activity before deciding which rifle action to buy.

  • Stock

The other vital aspect to consider is the rifle stock. The common materials for rifle stocks include wood, synthetic, laminated wood, fiberglass and plastic. If you love an aesthetic look and feel, then consider going for the traditional wood. But for strength and durability, laminated wood is the best option. If you want a rifle that is resistant to moisture, then consider going for a stock made from synthetic material. All these types of rifles come with different prices, so your budget will be and important consideration, as well.

  • Barrel

Another very important consideration is the length of your rifle’s barrel. Rifles with shorter barrels are easier to handle that those with longer barrels. Barrel length not only affects the riffle size, but also its weight and the speed at which the bullet leaves it. Generally, the longer the barrel of a rifle, the higher a bullet’s velocity


Rifle Cartridge

Rifle cartridge is the center heart of any hunting rifle. Every rifle is designed to shoot a certain number of cartridges. So, before deciding which rifle to buy, figure out your planned hunting activity. If, for instance, you’ll be hunting huge game, then you’ll need a rifle with a big cartridge. Always go for a rifle that has the capability of taking down your game target with only a single shot.

  • Price for Rifle Optics

When budgeting for a rifle, you need not only to consider its buying price, but also the price of its optics. For example, many hunters have made the blunder of acquiring great rifles but they are left with no money to buy rifle scopes. It’s, therefore, good to include the budget of the rifle optics so that you can buy a hunting rifle that you can fully utilize. Simply put, you need to budget for both the gun and its optics.


The best way to make your hunting rifle-buying experience easy and productive is by really doing your homework before making your final decision. Take your time to explore the Internet to know what people are saying about the particular rifle model you are considering. You can talk to your friends or relatives who have used similar rifles before to know about their experiences. Also, consulting with a seasoned gunsmith can help choose the right gun. Always be inquisitive, after all, you really want to make a sound decision when buying a hunting rifle.

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