The Google Globalism Gulag


The puzzling switch in the corporate motivation of Google seems confusing on the surface. But if you dig deeper into the manure of globalism, the notion that Google is primarily a business for profit is exposed as a distraction of what it really is and how it operates. It is entirely understandable that free internet services, especially when they usually work well and use superior features will attract the public in droves. However, the filtration of search results that only provide a biased outcome can no longer be denied. Notwithstanding, who benefits the most from the abandonment of the old motto, “Don’t be evil“?

Google was created by the military/industrial/security complex. Government funding provided the seed money and the NSA supplied the advanced technology to get the surveillance state to the next level. The article, Google is the Master Spy of the Intelligence Community has gravitated towards their true global overlords.

“The experience of the unceasing leaks coming out of the intelligence agencies since Trump was elected is a sure sign that their domestic control of an indifferent public has been threatened. The seemingly self destructive clamp down by Google on those, who do not regurgitate the orthodox reality, constructed by the shadow government makes sense when one understands that Google exists to serve the patrician interests of the supra elite operatives.”

Even so, just who are these operatives and what are their interests? Globalists come in all shapes and sizes, from varied nations and backgrounds. However, they all share a lack of patriotic devotion to their native country, while they aspire to be an influential part of the new global world order. So it comes as a regretful fact of an internal betrayal that so many Americans have supported the sedition from within. The TC essay, Military/Intelligence/Security Complex Rules identifies the role played by the Deep State turncoats.

“The government of the defunct Republic is wholly in the hands of globalist traitors. The nefarious cabal of Intelligence Community plotters serves a cartel of un-American supremacists. As long as dual loyalists remain in control of government policy, the deep state will neutralize any attempt to reset our authentic national interests.”

Front and center the Google hate culture that detests the constitution and God fearing citizens have fully accepted the Chicom model for planetary enslavement. For those who would survive extermination, only servitude remains. Can you handle the truth or do you accept reality as presented by Google News?

Globalist factions are not identical in all aspects. There is no racial purity test or ethnic identity requirement. Excluding proponents of individuality and independence need not apply, since seekers of truth are foes of the global interdependency. Information has become the primary coin of the realm. Google is not held accountable for limiting or excluding sources. Their version of an acceptable narrative is designed to dumb down the masses to the lowest dominator.

So when author Linda Goudsmit Israpundit writes the item, The Humanitarian Hoax of “Neutral” Google Searches: Killing America With Kindness, it clarifies that the concern over Google is spreading to unlikely columnists.

“Google’s ability to manipulate public opinion through its curated content makes Google capable of influencing elections and world events. It is truly a staggering level of social control concentrated in the hands of a few corporate globalists. Just imagine the difference in Google content if it embraced an America-first mentality determined to protect American interests, American sovereignty, and American independence.

Instead, Google provides its biased globalist support of the leftist/Islamist/globalist axis in support of illegal immigration, open borders, educational indoctrination, anti-conservative, pro-liberal, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim views to facilitate its long-term objective of one-world government.”

Ignorance is a terrible affliction. Most humanists are terminally deficient in their knowledge and understanding of history. Presenting a false viewpoint on current events is a curse that has multiplied expediently by the data age of which Google has lead in order to shape public consciousness.

The digital incarceration that has encircled the wussy inmates in this pavlovian kennel is the net result of a high tech lynching. For Google, those who will not submit, the penalty is hanging at the end of an artificial intelligence rope which purges the dissemination of objective truth.

The Google elites are really a mob. Rational Americans desperately need to view the distortion of events as the primary enterprise that Google provides. Has the public already forgotten that the RussiaGate hoax was promoted by the likes of Google, as the voices of veracity were censored?

If you need a reminder ponder the significance of Google whistleblower bombshell: Search engine used social justice warriors to train its AI systems to suppress all conservative views

“The report includes undercover footage featuring a top Google executive, Jen Gennai, discussing how Google might prevent an electoral outcome like 2016 from happening again,” says

Watch the video here, or visit for more details.

The re-education camp of Googleplex is the modern version of Hell on Wheels. Constructing the First Transcontinental Railroad opened up the West to the entire country. Google is dedicated to imposing the worst of the world on a nation, as they see it, of indigenous savages. Almost seems that the Larry Page and Sergey Brin legacy is revenge for all that Chinese labor who worked on the rails. Is this payback time to the Chicom globalists for services rendered? Or should the “PC” term reparations be used?

In the book, Google Archipelago, author Michael Rectenwald describes the true nature of the googlies corporeality.

“In contrast to academics who study digital media and bemoan such supposed horrors as “digital exploitation,” in Google Archipelago, Michael Rectenwald argues that the real danger posed by Big Digital is not “digital capitalism” as such, but leftist authoritarianism, a political outlook shared by academic leftists, who thus cannot recognize it in their object of study. Thus, while imagining that they are radical critics of Big Digital, academic digital media scholars (whom Rectenwald terms “the digitalistas”) actually serve as ideological smokescreens that obscure its real character.”

SARTRE – August 20, 2019

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