How The US Shall Treat Its Veterans?


As any nation of the world, the US does owe its veterans not only its powerful place on the plane of international relations and global politics but also safety and economic thriving. It seems, though, the national recognition and rather modest financial support are not enough for them to ensure the desired level of living for their families and themselves.

Obviously, care for veterans is one of the most hotly debated questions before every change of political elite. But what remains the same is that these people in many cases lack support in starting own business or becoming an entrepreneur. Their entertainment preferences may range from gambling on Best NZ Casino Sites to Play in 2018 or visiting the brick-and-mortar ones in the US; however, would it not be better for them to start own business for the better prosperity of the country they once fought for.

 Things To Change About The Veterans’ Status Quo In The US

After coming back home and undergoing psychological rehabilitation, it would be great to let these people engage in different kinds of activities to switch their military minds to a more civic lifestyle. Starting a business or a company definitely acts as a great game-changer here. Given that state service and business are exactly opposite spheres, the best way to start this sort of integration would be to share some business-specific knowledge with them.

Apart from giving access to more practical education opportunities, the following steps ought to be taken:

  • easier transfer of military skills into civilian ones: one of the most disappointing practices that has not been yet changed in the US is that in some states a combat medic will not be accepted as a licensed paramedic. This automatically means that this person is not capable of performing activities he or she is good at;
  • change the understanding of business as of activity driven by greed: although it is partially true that business is made to earn money, this shall not be the case for people of different opinion. An interesting phenomenon has been observed among military and other government officials as they often distrust activities connected with profit making. If that is the case, then let us teach our veterans to start social businesses, the one which would do more help to people then to one’s pocket;
  • help these people find an appropriate place of work: higher-need veterans with physical or unseen wounds can be offered some effective case management and referrals to appropriate veteran service organizations by the government.

All in all, the US veterans deserve more of our attention and devotion. These are the relatively small steps which we could have done to help them easier integrate into the civic rhythm of life and give a unique opportunity to realize themselves in places other than the battlefield.

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