Marine Corps Firefighter & Jimmy John’s Owner Doug Law Now Hiring Local Veterans

Lakeland resident Doug Law was inspired to join the military during the first Gulf War. A trained firefighter, he joined the Marines ‘Crash Fire Rescue’ division, extracting pilots from their planes, or what was left of them, after a crash.

Over his 10 years of service, he was stationed in South Carolina, and Okinawa, Japan and deployed to California, Texas, Wisconsin and Norway.

Even after his Honorable Discharge from the Marines, he continued to serve as a government contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he worked as fire inspector, making sure U.S. bases were safe and fire equipped and training Iraqi firefighters in the latest techniques.

After more than two decades of combined service to the military, law enforcement and firefighting, Law moved to Florida with his wife and kids. Today, he owns two Jimmy John’s stores in Lakeland.

He has 40 employees and regularly hires fellow vets for their leadership qualities, exemplary customer service capabilities and boot camp training. He says he was attracted to the brand because of its speed and simplicity.

Jimmy John’s is a lot like the Marines, he says, with a checklist for everything, specific hierarchies and strategic processes that ensure success.

He plans to open another two Jimmy John’s franchise stores in the Lakeland area in the coming months.

John Allen
Since 2011, VNR, formerly known as VNN, has operated in alternative media and information space for U.S. Military Veterans. John Allen is the General Manager.

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