ELECTION 2018: Two Muslim American Candidates on Opposite Sides | Hidden Vote Ep. 1

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Series premiere

Dearborn, Michigan, with the largest Muslim population in America, has a hotly contested city council race in full swing.

One candidate, Rifaat Mike Hacham, is a Muslim American conservative who was inspired to get into politics by the president’s unlikely win. Another, Nada al-Hanooti, is a progressive Democrat who was so appalled by the state of things that she, too, decided to run. Will either make it past the primaries?

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  • Director, Camera Adithya Sambamurthy
  • Producer Ben Rekhi
  • Editor Michael Goodier
  • Sound Recordists Jacob Varley David Fienup
  • Music William Ryan Fritch
  • Sound Mixer Nathan Ruyle
  • Colorist Jason Knutzen
  • Titles & Graphics Rigved Ghia
  • Translation Ahmad Anka
  • Series Producer, Indie Lens Storycast Pamela Torno
  • Supervising Producer for ITVS Clare Chambers
  • Consulting Producer for ITVS Shana Swanson and Karim Ahmad
  • Production Coordinator for ITVS Susan Cohen
  • Executive Producer for Independent Lens Lois Vossen
  • Executive Producer for ITVS Sally Jo Fifer

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Archive Footage courtesy of CSPAN Series producers, The Hidden Vote Ben Rekhi Adithya Sambamurthy

Special thanks The Hacham Family The al-Hanooti Family Osama Siblani City of Dearborn