When Death Hits You in the Face – An Operator’s Journey to a new Mission and Purpose

A new Novel: A Failed State


Our circumstances can sometimes be overwhelming. When Andrew lost his wife, he had a choice to make.

What will you do when death hits you in the face?

Andrew E. Coussens spent nearly eight years deployed as a contractor for a classified US government program that is still active in numerous areas of the world in support of the War on Terror.

He spent three years simultaneously training partner nations in counter-terrorism tactics for the US State Department’s Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.

Since leaving these programs, Mr. Coussens has been employed as a consultant for The Activity Group, a company that provides field-trauma solutions for the US military (AFRICOM), Federal law enforcement agencies, SWAT/Emergency teams, and tactical medical programs worldwide.

His life seems like one written from the pages of a suspense, Jason Borne movie – and in some ways it is. When he lost his wife, Andrew had to lean into his children and find a way to manage that pain while offering stability in his home.
So, he took to writing as a form of therapy.

His first novel is sure to be a best seller. A Failed State is an international war on terror novel that is fast-paced, and very real. Sure, it’s packed with action and events that seem familiar but it’s more than another “war on terror” novel – it dives deep into the emotions of the men who serve on those frontlines.

Damien Collins, the main character, struggles with severe anxiety, a troubled marriage, and a custody dispute over his five-year-old daughter – all while serving as a member of this elite intelligence-gathering team trying to stop the spread of ISIS and its emergence in the hotbed of Afghanistan.

The brilliance of this novel is in how Coussens portrays the struggle and war between the battle front and the home front. And just when you get to the end of the book…you realize there is more to the story. Brilliant.

Be sure to grab a copy of the book, A Failed State, which is available now at www.AFailedState.com and available in bookstores across the country toward the end of OCTOBER 2018.

If you want to hear the behind-the-scenes live interview with Andrew, visit The Military Wire podcast.

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  1. Death should have hit him in the face from studying 9-11 and the fraud that would be the War on Terror. His employer. Smart individuals would have exited that charade as quickly as possible. Then he might have been in a better position to help his ailing wife. If he wanted to be a hero, he wouldn’t have served the corrupt State in it fraudulent activities. He would have remained state-side to be a father. Instead, he’s seeking glory, trying to pump himself up as some kind of warrior, when in reality, he was nothing more than a henchman for the New World Order.

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