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The VMAQ Monument Officially Launches

Parker, Colorado – We are excited to announce the launch of the VMAQ Monument Foundation.  The primary purpose of this non-profit foundation is to erect a monument at a national museum that honors the history of the VMAQ community, memorializes lost VMAQ veterans, and preserves the incredible and storied contribution the VMAQ squadrons have made to the safety and security of the United States of America over the past 66 years.  The EA-6B Prowler will be decommissioned in 2019 soon after the final Marine EA-6B squadron returns from deployment, thus shutting down VMAQ-2, the last VMAQ squadron in the Marine Corps.

World-renowned sculptor, Sandra Van Zandt has been commissioned to create three bronze statues honoring the people who served in the Prowler community: a pilot, an electronic counter measures officer (ECMO) and a plane captain.  Among Van Zandt’s most famous works are the recently-erected “Price of Liberty” in Austin, Texas on the state capitol grounds and the “Spirit of Naval Aviation” at the entrance to the National Museum of Aviation in Pensacola, FL.

The VMAQ Monument Foundation is currently accepting donations.  A $150 donation entitles the donor to “Plank Owner” status.  Plank owners will receive recognition on the foundation’s website, as well as a Plank Owner t-shirt.  The foundation also plans to offer signed and inscribed 20” bronze maquettes of the statues to Gold donors who give $10,000 or more for this worthy cause.

This monument effort requires all donations, no matter how large or small.  Chairman of the Board, H. Wayne “Duck” Qualkinbush, USMC Maj (ret), has issued a call to all who have served in the VMCJ/VMAQ community: “Let’s go out in style and show the world just how amazing our legacy really is.  Every Marine a Fundraiser!”

To learn more about the VMAQ Monument Foundation or to donate please visit VMAQMonument.org or facebook.com/VMAQMonument.

Sandra with “Spirit of Naval Aviation”

The VMAQ Monument Foundation was founded May 31, 2018 by a group of dedicated, former members of the USMC Prowler community, who are unpaid volunteers working quickly and tirelessly to bring this vision to life.  The foundation is currently 501(c)(3) PENDING.

For more information, contact:  Andrea Qualkinbush at (252) 626-2935 or [email protected]

John Allen
Since 2011, VNR, formerly known as VNN, has operated in alternative media and information space for U.S. Military Veterans. John Allen is the General Manager.

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