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Disabled Veteran offering Cannabis workshops

Inglewood, CA – Last week, on the day U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded a trio of memos from the Obama administration that adopted a policy of non-interference with marijuana friendly state laws, Veterans Health Solutions began offering to teach cannabis education to colleges, veteran organizations and urban centers nationally.

This non-profit public benefit organization has setup a full comprehensive strategy to educate the veteran populace and underserved communities for the use of medicinal cannabis and or hemp related products.

“We have been working diligently for the last year on developing the most appropriate educational service, while preparing for the new laws and recent amended VA polices to take place” states Life D. Griffith, MSM and Executive Director for Veterans Health Solutions.

Mr. Griffith is a certified cannabis instructor, disabled veteran and served as a combat medic for 19 years in the active and reserve components for the U.S. Army. In 2015, he separated from The Department of Veteran Affairs as a Legal Administration Specialist & Minority Veteran Program Coordinator with the Department of Veteran Affairs in Los Angeles to concentrate on Veterans Health Solutions.

“The VHS strategy is a simple one and that is to be the FIRST TO CARE by educating the veteran and underserved community hands on about the benefits of medicinal cannabis via CBD oil especially for those who are suffering from chronic physical and mental aliments.

“Everyday while working with the VA, I assisted my fellow veterans with their claims process and over time, I begin to witness the chronic pain and mental suffering that the veterans were going through while being treated at the VA. This has led many veterans to distrust the VA, PTSD outbreaks, suicide and homelessness and the opioid crisis which are the key issues plaguing veterans nationally and that made me decide to create Veterans Health Solutions.

Griffith said, adding, “The combination of increased prescription drugs after military service has led to more serious chronic disabilities which veterans often can’t recover from because of the multiple drugs that are still being freely prescribed by VA doctors. These drugs are highly addictive and have been linked to more serious problems and even death.

Although President Trump announced there was a major opioid crisis in late 2017, and U.S. Senate and House voted to have Veterans Administration (VA) doctors recommend medical marijuana to their patients, but cannabis is still considered to be a scheduled 1 drug. VHS invites all veterans and the under served to get involved by becoming more educated and knowledgeable about cannabis as an alternative solution.

About Veterans Health Solutions

Veterans Health Solutions is a public benefit nonprofit organization representing veterans and the under served communities in the United States and the Caribbean. The organization is committed to educating, defending, protecting and establishing equal access to cannabis for a better quality of life for the veteran and under served community. For more information please review www.veteranshealthsolutions.org

John Allen
Since 2011, VNR, formerly known as VNN, has operated in alternative media and information space for U.S. Military Veterans. John Allen is the General Manager.

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